Microsoft will showcase there 1st and 2nd party exclusive games in July. As part of the Xbox 20/20 lineup of events. Most Xbox gamers (like me) are hyped and excited to see what all the newly acquired first-party studios are working on.

Many gamers were disappointed by May’s Xbox 20/20 3rd party games show. Microsoft did drop the ball using hype words on twitter like “All Series X Gameplay Footage”. When in fact it was mostly just in-engine and game reveal trailers. Gameplay footage in mass quantities was nowhere to be found. Also, the quality of the show was terrible. Cringey blurry webcams and bad pacing throughout. I still loved most of the games revealed. The event was just executed poorly.

Hopefully, Microsoft will redeem their selves and do a much better job with July’s event. They need to go very big this time. Sony is bringing the heat. At Sony’s recent PS5 – The Future Of Gaming show we saw a few exciting and surprising game announcements. In my opinion, the best 1st & 2nd party games shown at the PS5 game event was Spider-Man Miles Morales, Horizon Zero Dawn 2, Demons Souls Remake, Ratchet & Clank: Rift, and Kena: Bridge Of Spirits. I didn’t see anything technically impressive though. They all looked great but they didn’t wow me when it comes to nextgen graphics.

Microsoft needs to be more impressive in all areas. They need exciting announcements, surprising announcements, and games that look technically superior to anything on PS5. It’s important that Microsoft shows the power of Xbox Series X and has an amazing line up of 1st and 2nd party titles coming. Microsoft must fire on all cylinders. Hopefully, Microsoft will execute a plan similar to the one I laid out below.

Reveal Stunning AAA First-Party Games

Upcoming 1st & 2nd Party Games

In my opinion, revealing amazing looking AAA games is the single most important thing Microsoft needs to do. They need to knock it out of the park. Show some really big new IP’s and reboots that can compete with Sony’s First-Party Games. We already know Forza Motorsport 8 by Turn 10 Studios is likely to be shown. I want to see the other big unannounced games also. Like the rumored AAA RPG’s that Obsidian and Inxile are working on. And The rumored Fable Reboot by Playground Games. And lastly the rumored Perfect Dark reboot by The Initiative. Hopefully, stunning gameplay will be shown for these titles. If not gameplay for all, at least exciting game reveal trailers letting us know what to look forward to on the Xbox Series X.

Show A Lot Of Halo Infinite Gameplay

Halo Infinite Gameplay Please

I think it’s time to reveal Halo Infinite gameplay is a massive way. We have been waiting for five long years. I want to see a badass trailer followed by a lengthy segment of campaign gameplay. I want to see what Halo Infinite looks like running on the Xbox Series X console using the new Slipspace Engine. As Xbox Series X’s flagship launch title, Halo Infinite needs to make gamers want to buy the new console and invest in Xbox Game Pass.

Reveal All The Other 1st & 2nd Party Games

1st and 2nd Party Games Coming

Microsoft already has announced many upcoming unreleased indies, AA, AAA console exclusive games for Xbox One, and Xbox Series X (In case you forgot about them here they are. The 19 Upcoming Console exclusives for Xbox Series X and Xbox One). It would be nice to highlight some of these already announced games. Maybe with new gameplay trailers. But Microsoft still needs to save most of the show for new game announcements.

Besides those already announced titles. Hopefully, Microsoft reveals all unannounced games being worked on by smaller Xbox Game Studios. I want to see what Doublefine, Compulsion Games, Undead Labs, and their Game Studios 2nd Party publishing-wing are up to. It would also be nice to see more of Hellblade 2, Everwild, and MS Flight Simulator. Just show us all the games!!!

Copy Nintendo Directs or Sony’s Format

Microsoft Should Copy Nintendo Directs

I hope after every game clip Microsoft doesn’t try to stick a person in front of us. Please no blurry webcam clips. Please only prerecorded footage. Covid-19 is not an excuse for having a low-quality presentation. This show can be presented in a better way at a higher quality standard. If there is a host, please make it someone well respected like Phil Spencer. Have Phil only appear for a limited time in segments. Maybe in the intro, middle, and outro of the show. It would be better to showcase gameplay and trailers using the same format as Nintendo Direct’s or Sony’s most recent “PS5 – THE FUTURE OF GAMING SHOW“. Show gameplay and trailers with optional narration only (NO-Face-Cams). No need to see any other person before or after each video ** Useless piggybacking**. Adding developer narration during longer gameplay segments sounds like a good idea also. The bottom line is gamers only care about seeing games. Most humans will clutter and drag down the show.

More First-Party Acquisitions Are Welcomed

New XBox Game Studios Game Acquisitions

I hear about first-party acquisition rumors all the time. It’s rumored Microsoft might have already bought Asobo, People Can Fly, and possibly a Japanese game studio. If Microsoft plans to announce new 1st party acquisitions they should follow the announcements up with exclusives games developed by those studios. There is always hype and tons of excitement with new 1st party acquisitions. Because new first-party studios equal more exclusive games on Xbox consoles and Xbox Game Pass. It also makes Xbox look like a stronger future proof gaming brand.

Make This Show Last As Long As Possible!

Long Xbox Event Please.

I want 1 to 2 hours of nothing but game reveals and gameplay. This is Microsofts big E3 replacement event. This is their time to shine. I really hope they go all out. Making this event long, high quality, and very suspenseful to watch. I’m going to be pissed if this show is short and looks like a low effort presentation.

Add-In A Few Big Xbox Game Pass Surprises (Optional)

Upcoming Xbox Game Pass Games

Announcing more notable Xbox Game Pass titles coming out by the launch of the series X might be a good idea. They can always save this announcement for a later event though. Maybe an event dedicated to Xbox Game Pass / Services in August, September, or October would be a smarter choice! Just a thought. I don’t think it would hurt showcasing big upcoming Xbox Game pass games as long as they didn’t spend too much time on it.

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